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Volkswagen Touran Service Manual: Battery, Charging

Batteries that have a light yellow visual indicator do not have to be tested or charged. Jump starting must not be used!
There is a risk of explosion during testing, charging or jump starting.
These batteries must be replaced.
Battery Tester Charger Kit -GRX3000VAS- output - setup performed (unit number, date/time). Refer to Battery Tester Charger Kit -GRX3000VAS- Operating Instructions.
  General information, checking. Refer to → Chapter "Battery Tester Charger Kit -GRX3000VAS- General Description".
  Open the hood or open the cover if the battery is installed somewhere else.
  Visually inspect the battery. Refer to → Chapter "Visual Inspection".
  Determine if it is a "standard" battery (wet battery) or an "AGM" battery.
  Close all the vehicle doors.
The battery temperature must be at least 10 C (50 F).
Refer to the Battery Tester Charger Kit -GRX3000VAS- Operating Instructions for more information.
Perform Charging Procedure
  Turn off all electrical consumers.
  Turn off the ignition and remove the key.
  Clamp the red charging clamp "+" of the charger to the positive battery terminal.
In the case of vehicles with a start/stop function and an installed Battery Monitoring Control Module -J367-, the black charging clamp (-) must be connected to the body ground. The start/stop system will malfunction if it is connected to the negative terminal on the battery.
  Connect the black charging clamp "-" of the charger to the negative battery terminal.
  Connect the Battery Tester Charger Kit -GRX3000VAS- battery charger to a grounded socket.
  Switch the "ON/OFF" switch on the Battery Tester Charger Kit -GRX3000VAS- battery charger to "ON".
  Select the charge mode "automatic" or "manual.".
  Select the test: "inside the vehicle" or "outside of the vehicle".
  Determine if it is a "standard" battery or an "AGM" battery.
  Select the type of test: "Warranty" or "other". Note any other additional details (depending on the type of test).
Refer to the Battery Tester Charger Kit -GRX3000VAS- Operating Instructions for more information.
If necessary, go through all the menu points when performing a "Warranty" test. Refer to Warranty Service Circulars.
The Battery Tester Charger Kit -GRX3000VAS- battery charger checks the battery and starts the charging process. The display then show one of three results with the exact charging time.
Result: Measure:
Battery good The battery can be used again.
Charging is required
The test shows a low state of charge.
The charging process begins and the exact duration for the charging will be displayed
The cold start performance and the remaining charging time are displayed and updated regularly.
Replace the battery. Battery faulty. The charging process is interrupted. Replace the battery.
If other malfunction messages or text displays, other than the ones already mentioned, appear in the display on the Battery Tester Charger Kit -GRX3000VAS- battery charger, then refer to chapter. Refer to → Chapter "Battery Tester Charger Kit -GRX3000VAS- Troubleshooting".
If the battery starts to vent gas heavily, stop the charging process. Press the "Stop" button on the front side.
After the charging and testing process is completed, the Battery Tester Charger Kit -GRX3000VAS- battery charger will display "battery good" or "replace the battery" and the total charging time.
Depending on the individual circumstance (Warranty Claim, Repair Order, Evaluation and File), there are three possible messages
Produce a test code (possible only after automatic charging and testing).
Print last test result (for Warranty)
Display the last test result.
Refer to the Battery Tester Charger Kit -GRX3000VAS- Operating Instructions for more information.

Battery Tester Charger Kit -GRX3000VAS- Troubleshooting

Sometimes the display shows the malfunction or the messages based on the condition.
The following is a list of the most frequent displayed messages together with suggested solutions.
Refer to the Battery Tester Charger Kit -GRX3000VAS- Operating Instructions for messages not listed here.
Display Message Measure
Check the connection
  Make sure the battery charger terminals are attached securely to the battery terminals.
  Make sure the battery pole is tightened to the tightening specification and is not corroded.
Terminals connected? Tester safety function.
  Connect the terminals to the battery before charging.
System noises
  Switch off all electrical consumers.
  Wait until all electrical equipment, which are monitored by the vehicle electrical system control module, are switched off.
  Remove the key.
  Disconnect any doubtful or standard production electrical equipment from the vehicle electrical system.
Wait a few minutes and repeat the charging process. Refer to → Chapter "Battery, Charging".
Battery Tester Charger Kit -GRX3000VAS- General Description
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