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Volkswagen Touran Owners Manual: Checking coolant level and refilling coolant

Fig. 177 In the engine compartment: mark on the coolant expansion tank

Fig. 178 In the engine compartment: coolant expansion tank cap

First read and observe the introductory information and safety warnings

The warning lamp for the engine coolant will light up if the engine coolant level is too low.


  • Park the vehicle on a level and solid surface.
  • Allow the engine to cool down  .
  • Open the bonnet   .
  • The coolant expansion tank has the symbol on its cap  .

Checking the coolant level

  • Check the coolant level at the side marking of the expansion tank when the engine is cold  .
  • Refill the coolant if the liquid level is below the minimum marking (min). When the engine is warm, the coolant level may be slightly above the top end of the marked area.

Refilling coolant

  • Always protect your hands and arms from hot coolant or steam by placing a suitable cloth on the cap of the coolant expansion tank.
  • Unscrew the cap carefully  .
  • Refill only new coolant according to the Volkswagen specification (  )  .
  • The coolant level must be between the marks on the expansion tank  . Do not fill up over the top line of the marked area  !
  • Close the cap tightly.
  • If in an emergency you do not have access to the required specification (  ), do not use any other coolant additive! Instead, initially refill only distilled water  . Then add the correct proportion of coolant additive as soon as possible   .


Hot steam or engine coolant can cause serious burns.
  • Never open the bonnet if you can see or hear steam or engine coolant coming out of the engine compartment. Always wait until you can no longer see or hear escaping steam or coolant.
  • Always allow the engine to cool down completely before carefully opening the bonnet. Hot components could burn your skin.
  • The following points should be noted before opening the bonnet once it has cooled down.
    • Apply the handbrake fully and move the selector lever to position P or move the manual gear lever to the neutral position.
    • Remove the vehicle key from the ignition lock.
    • Always keep children away from the engine compartment and never leave the vehicle unattended.
  • The engine cooling system is under pressure when the engine is hot. Never open the cap of the coolant expansion tank when the engine is hot. Coolant may spray out and cause serious burns and injuries.
    • Turn the cap slowly and very carefully anti-clockwise while exerting some downwards pressure on the cap.
    • Always protect the face, hands and arms from hot coolant or steam with a large, thick cloth.
  • When refilling, do not spill any service fluids on engine components or on the exhaust system. The spilt service fluids could start a fire. The ethylene glycol in the engine coolant could, in certain circumstances, catch fire.


  • Refill only distilled water! All other types of water could cause corrosion in the engine due to the chemical components contained. This could also lead to engine failure. If any other type of water is refilled, the fluid in the engine cooling system should be completely replaced by a qualified workshop immediately.
  • Do not fill coolant above the top of the marked area  . Otherwise the excess coolant will be pressed out of the cooling system when the engine is hot and could cause damage.
  • If a large amount of coolant has been lost, do not refill the coolant until the engine has cooled completely. A large amount of coolant loss is an indication of leaks in the engine cooling system. The engine cooling system should be checked by a qualified workshop as soon as possible. Otherwise, this may result in damage to the engine.
  • When refilling operating fluids, please ensure that the correct container is filled. The use of incorrect operating fluids could result in serious malfunctions and engine damage!
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    First read and observe the introductory information and safety warnings The engine coolant system is factory-filled with a mixture of specially prepared water and at least 40 percent of the co ...

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