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Volkswagen Touran Owners Manual: Front airbags

Fig. 65 Location and deployment zone of the driver front airbag

Fig. 66 Location and deployment zone of the front passenger front airbag

First read and observe the introductory information and safety warnings

In conjunction with the seat belts, the front airbag system gives the front occupants additional protection for the head and chest in the event of a severe frontal collision. Always keep as far away from the front airbag as possible   . This way, the front airbags can deploy fully when they are triggered thus providing their maximum protection.

The front airbag for the driver is located in the steering wheel   and the front airbag for the front passenger is located on the dash panel  . The airbag locations are identified by the text AIRBAG.

The areas inside the red lines   and   are covered by the front airbags when deployed (deployment zone). For this reason, you must never leave or attach any items in these areas  . The factory-fitted accessories, such as the base plate for the mobile phone holder, will not be struck when the driver and front passenger front airbags are deployed.

The airbag covers fold out of the steering wheel   or dash panel   when the driver and front passenger front airbags deploy. The airbag covers remain connected to the steering wheel or the dash panel.


The airbag deploys in fractions of a second and at high speed.
  • Always leave the deployment zones of the front airbags clear.
  • Never attach any items, such as drink or telephone holders, to the covers of the airbags or anywhere in the airbag deployment zone.
  • Occupants in the front seats must never carry any people, pets or objects in the deployment zone between them and the airbags.
  • Do not attach any items to the windscreen above the front airbag on the front passenger side.
  • Do not cover or stick anything on the steering wheel hub or the soft plastic surface of the airbag unit on the front passenger side, and do not obstruct or modify them in any way.


The front airbags are deployed in front of the steering wheel   and dash panel  .
  • When driving, always hold the steering wheel with both hands on the outside of the ring at the 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock positions.
  • Adjust the driver seat in such a way that there is at least 25 cm between your breastbone and the hub of the steering wheel. If your build makes it impossible to fulfil this requirement contact a qualified workshop.
  • Adjust the front passenger seat so that the distance between the passenger and the dash panel is as large as possible.
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