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Volkswagen Touran Owners Manual: Indicator lamps and fuel gauge

Fig. 166 In the instrument cluster: fuel gauge for petrol and diesel

Fig. 167 In the instrument cluster: natural gas gauge

First read and observe the introductory information and safety warnings
Lit up Pointer position
Possible cause   Correction
Red marking (arrow) Fuel tank nearly empty.
Reserve quantity is being used   .
Refuel as soon as possible  .
  Vehicle running on natural gas.  

Several warning and indicator lamps will light up briefly when the ignition is switched on while the vehicle runs functional checks. They will switch off after a few seconds.

When the indicator lamp or lights up, the auxiliary heater and fuel-powered supplementary heater switch off automatically.

Natural gas engines

The indicator lamp or lights up, if both fuel types (petrol and natural gas) have reached the reserve level.

The indicator lamp lights up if the vehicle is running on natural gas.

The indicator lamp will go out once the natural gas tank is empty. The engine switches to petrol mode.

Things to note: If the vehicle is parked for an extended period directly after refuelling, it may well occur that the pointer for the natural gas engine does not indicate the fuel level shown directly after refuelling. This does not mean that there is a leak in the system, but rather that for technical reasons the pressure has been decreased in the natural gas tank following a cooling phase directly after refilling.


Driving the vehicle when the fuel level is too low could lead to your vehicle breaking down in traffic, accidents and serious injuries.


The small arrow next to the petrol pump symbol   or   in the display instrument shows you which side of the vehicle the tank flap is located on.

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Filling the tank with petrol or diesel
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