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Volkswagen Touran Owners Manual: Interior and reading lights

First read and observe the introductory information and safety warnings

Button / Position Function
Switches off the interior lights.
Switches interior lights on.
Switches door contact switch on (central position).
The interior lights are switched on automatically when the vehicle is unlocked, a door is opened or the key is removed from the ignition lock.
The light will go out a few seconds after all the doors are closed, the vehicle is locked or the ignition is switched on.
Switches the reading lights on or off.

Lights in the stowage compartments and luggage compartment

A light will be switched on or off automatically when the stowage compartment on the front passenger side or the tailgate are opened or closed.

Background lighting

When the side or dipped headlights are switched on, background lighting in the front of the roof lights up the control elements in the centre console from above.

Additionally, the door release lever in the recesses can be lit up.

The reading lights switch off when the vehicle is locked or after a delay of a few minutes when the vehicle key is removed from the ignition lock. This prevents the battery from discharging.

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