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Volkswagen Touran Owners Manual: Introduction

This chapter contains information on the following subjects:

 → Securing mounts, roof bars or load carrying system 

 → Loading the load carrier system  

The roof of the vehicle is designed to optimise the aerodynamics. Therefore, conventional mounts or other load carrier systems can no longer be attached to a rain channel.

As the rain channels have been integrated in the roof for better aerodynamics, only those mounts, roof bars or load carrier systems approved by Volkswagen can be used.

When should the mounts or roof bars and load carrier system be removed?

  • When they are no longer being used.
  • When the vehicle is driving through a car wash.
  • When the vehicle height exceeds the required clearance height, e.g. in a garage.

Additional information and warnings:

  • Exterior views  
  • Lights  
  • Transporting  
  • Driving with respect for the environment  
  • Wheels and tyres  
  • Accessories, modifications, repairs and renewal of parts  


When transporting heavy or bulky objects in the load carrier system, the way the vehicle handles will change due to a shift in the centre of gravity and increased susceptibility to crosswinds.
  • Always secure loads properly using suitable and undamaged securing straps.
  • Cargo that is large, heavy, bulky, long or flat will have a negative effect on the vehicle's aerodynamics, centre of gravity and overall handling.
  • Avoid abrupt and sudden driving and braking manoeuvres.
  • Adapt your speed and driving style to suit visibility, weather, road and traffic conditions.


  • Always remove the mounts or roof bars or load carrier system before driving through an automatic car wash.
  • The vehicle's height is changed by the installation of the roof carrier system and the load secured on it. Check and compare the height of the vehicle with clearance heights, for example for underpasses and garage doors.
  • The mounts, roof bars or load carrier system and the secured load must not obstruct you from opening and closing the Panorama sliding roof and the tailgate. The roof aerial must also remain unaffected.
  • When opening the tailgate, take care not to let it hit the roof load.

Driving with fitted mounts, roof bars or load carriers will increase air resistance and thus increase fuel consumption.

    Roof carrier

    Securing mounts, roof bars or load carrying system
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