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Volkswagen Touran Owners Manual: Introduction

This chapter contains information on the following subjects:

 → Contents of the breakdown set  

 → Preparations  

 → Sealing and inflating tyres  

 → Test after driving for 10 minutes  

You can use the breakdown set (tyre mobility set) to safely seal any tyre damage caused by foreign bodies or punctures (up to 4 mm in diameter). Do not remove foreign objects (e.g. screws or nails) from the tyre!

Once the sealant has been added to the tyre, the tyre pressure must be checked again after approximately 10 minutes of driving.

Only use breakdown set to fill a tyre if the car is parked in a safe place, you are familiar with the necessary actions and safety procedures and you have access to all the correct tools. Use expert assistance if this is not the case.

The tyre sealant must not be used:

  • If the rim is damaged.
  • If the outside temperature is below -20 °C (-4 °F).
  • If there are cuts or punctures in the tyre that are larger than 4 mm.
  • If the tyre pressure is very low or the tyres are flat.
  • If the use-by date on the tyre filler bottle has expired.

Additional information and warnings:

  • Vehicle key set  
  • Braking, stopping and parking  
  • Wheels and tyres  
  • In an emergency  
  • Hub caps  


Using the breakdown set can be dangerous, especially if the tyres are inflated at the roadside. Please note the following points in order to reduce the risk of serious injuries:
  • Stop the vehicle as soon as it is possible and safe to do so. Park the vehicle at a safe distance from moving traffic in order to fill the wheel.
  • Make sure that the ground is flat and firm.
  • All passengers and children in particular must be at a safe distance and away from your area of work.
  • Switch on hazard warning lights to warn other road users.
  • The breakdown set should only be used when you feel confident with carrying out the procedure. If not, use expert assistance.
  • Tyres repaired with the breakdown set are intended for temporary, emergency use only. Use only until you can reach a qualified workshop.
  • Have a tyre which has been repaired using the breakdown set replaced as soon as possible.
  • Sealant is hazardous to health and must be washed off immediately if it gets onto skin.
  • The breakdown set must be stored out of the reach of children.
  • Never use a vehicle jack, even if it is approved for the vehicle.
  • Always switch off the engine, apply the handbrake and move the selector lever to the position P or select a gear on a manual gearbox in order to reduce the risk of unintended vehicle movement.


A tyre which has been filled with sealant will not handle in the same way as a standard tyre.
  • Never drive faster than 80 km/h (50 mph).
  • Avoid full acceleration, sudden braking and fast driving through bends in the road.
  • Drive for 10 minutes only at a maximum of 80 km/h (50 mph) and then check the tyre.

Dispose of used or out-of-date sealant in accordance with legal requirements.

You can get a new tyre filler bottle from a Volkswagen dealership.

Observe the separate instructions from the manufacturer of the breakdown set.

    Breakdown set

    Contents of the breakdown set
    Fig. 211 The breakdown set First read and observe the introductory information and safety warnings The breakdown set is located underneath the floor covering in the luggage compartment. It inc ...

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