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Volkswagen Touran Owners Manual: Washing the vehicle with a high-pressure cleaner

First read and observe the introductory information and safety warnings

Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer when cleaning your vehicle using a high-pressure cleaner. This applies in particular to pressure and the spraying distance  .

Maintain sufficient distance to soft materials such as rubber hoses, plastic parts, insulation as well as to the sensors of the parking distance warning system. The sensors of the parking distance warning system are located in the front and also in the rear bumper  .

Never use concentrated jet nozzles or so-called dirt blasters  .


The incorrect use of a high-pressure cleaner can cause visible and non-visible long-term damage to tyres and other materials. This could cause accidents and serious injuries.
  • Maintain sufficient distance between the nozzle and the tyres.
  • Never clean the tyres with concentrated jet nozzles (dirt blasters). Even at large spraying distances and short cleaning times, visible and invisible damage can occur to the tyres.


After the car has been washed, the braking effect could set in later than normal and extend the braking distance as the brake discs and brake pads will be wet, or even frozen in winter.
  • You can dry and de-ice the brakes using careful braking manoeuvres. Make sure that you do not endanger any other road users or violate any legal requirements while doing this.


  • The water may be no warmer than +60 °C (+140 °F).
  • Do not wash the vehicle in direct sunlight in order to avoid damage to the vehicle paintwork.
  • The sensors in the bumpers must be kept clean and free of ice to ensure that the parking distance warning system and the Park Assist system work properly. When cleaning with pressure hoses and steam cleaners, the sensors should be sprayed only briefly. A distance of approx. 10 cm between the sensors and the steam/hose nozzle must be observed.
  • Do not clean windows that are iced over or covered in snow with a high-pressure cleaner.
  • Washing the vehicle in cold weather: if the vehicle is rinsed with a hose, do not direct the water into the lock cylinders or the gaps round the doors, boot, or bonnet. The locks and seals could freeze.
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