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Volkswagen Touran Service Manual: One-Part Wash Primer

One-Part Wash Primer -LVM 044 007 A2-, light gray
One-Part Wash Primer -LVM 044 171 A2-, dark gray
Edition 08/2013
Product Description
The one-part wash primer is a zinc chromate-free single-compound wash primer for all conventional metallic base surfaces.
Suitable for all conventional metallic base surfaces
VOC compliant and protects well against corrosion
Easy handling (one-part material)
Certified for welding.
Available in light gray and dark gray
Application Instructions
Base Surface
Suitable base surfaces:
Cleaned and sanded, galvanized/electrolytically zinced sheet steel or soft aluminum
Sanded factory primer (not on large areas of new parts that have been sanded and coated with KTL primer)
Thoroughly sanded old primer or factory primer (excluding thermoplastic coating)
Surfaces prepared with two-part polyester products and then sanded very fine.
Because of the wide variety of alloys and manufacturing processes for metals, the base surface must first be tested to ensure that the pre-treatment provides sufficient adhesion.
Pre-treatment of base surfaces:
  Carefully clean using Silicone Remover -LVM 020 000 A5- or Silicone Remover, Long -LVM 020 100 A5-.
  One-Part Wash Primer
  Clean and sand factory or old paint, eliminate any potential rust areas, and sand transitions to old paint.
  One-Part Wash Primer
  Use a suitable cleaning agent before reworking to ensure a clean and residue-free surface.
  One-Part Wash Primer
Dilutable with:
Two-Part Thinner -LVE 009 001 A5-
Two-Part Thinner, Plus -LHA 014 000 A5-
Two-Part Thinner, Special -LVM 009 200 A2/A5-
Two-Part Thinner, Long -LVM 009 300 A2- (for large objects and high temperatures)
Application type "coat"
  One-Part Wash Primer
  Processing viscosity 4 mm for +20 C (68 F), German Industry Standardization 53211 is the mixed viscosity.
Adding 50 % thinner at +20 C (68 F) material temperature.
  One-Part Wash Primer
  Use a measuring stick to mix when pouring in the thinner.
Processing viscosity 4 mm gravity feed spraygun "Compliant" and "HVLP":
DIN 4 mm: 18 to 20 seconds
ISO 4 mm: 36 to 45 seconds
  One-Part Wash Primer
  Set spray nozzle (see manufacturer's information): "Compliant" and "HVLP" to 1.3 to 1.5 mm.
  Set spray pressure (see manufacturer's information): "Compliant" to 2.0 to 2.5 bar.
  One-Part Wash Primer
  Apply a coat when using as wash primer.
  The prescribed layer thickness is 10 to 15 mm.
When insulating small, sanded through areas, use only water-based base paint or two-part HS top coat for the wet-in-wet and intermediate sanding processes on the One-Part Wash Primer -LVM 044 007 A2-/-LVM 044 171 A2-. Do not perform this action if the sanded-through area is not larger than 5.0 cm in diameter.
  One-Part Wash Primer
Ventilate at +20 C (68 F) room temperature, rework again after:
10 to 15 minutes with Two-Part HS Filler.
20 to 30 minutes with Water-Based Base Paint (for small sanded-through areas only)
10 to 15 minutes with Two-Part HS Top Coat (for small sanded-through areas only)
45 to 60 minutes to start sanding
  One-Part Wash Primer
  One-Part Wash Primer
Use Rework with
as wash primer Two-Part HS Filler
as wash primer with intermediate sanding Wet-sand with P 800-1000 grit sandpaper
Can be painted over with:
Water-based base paint and two-part HS clear coat (for small sanded-through areas only)
Two-part HS top coat (for small sanded-through areas only)
Do not rework with polyester products.
Do not apply to thermoplastic coatings.
Do not rework with epoxy products.
Do not rework with water-soluble products.
Do not dry-sand.
Personal Protective Equipment:
Note the safety data sheets
Wear the personal protective equipment during application
  One-Part Wash Primer
Delivery Viscosity at least 60 seconds
Flashpoint: above +23 C (73.4 F)
VOC value: 2004/42/IIB(c)(780)760 The EU limit for this product (product category IIB.c) in ready-to-use form is a maximum of 780 g/L volatile organic compounds. The VOC value of this product in ready-to-use form is a maximum of 760 g/L.
The guaranteed shelf life is 24 months from production date. Use no later than the date indicated on the label and store in original container at +20 C (68 F).
  One-Part Wash Primer
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