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Volkswagen Touran Service Manual: Repair Paint System for Matte Painted Vehicles

The following describes the repair paint system for matte painted vehicles. Area of application: large surfaces/complete painting
Metal Surfaces
Partial painting/gloss surfaces
Painting of matte paned vehicles
Base Surface
Suitable base surfaces:
Steel Panel
Cleaned and sanded, galvanized/electrolytically zinced sheet steel or soft aluminum
Sanded factory primer
Thoroughly sanded old primer or factory primers (excluding thermoplastic coating)
Surfaces prepared with two-part polyester products and then sanded with very fine grit
  Clean carefully using Silicone Remover, Long -LVM 020 100 A5- or Silicone Remover -LVM 020 000 A5-.
  Repair Paint System for Matte Painted Vehicles
  Sand the base surface.
  Repair Paint System for Matte Painted Vehicles
  Use a suitable cleaning agents before reworking to ensure a clean and residue-free surface.
Approved Products
Filling Paste:
Two-Part Spray Filling Paste -ALN 788 007-
Two-Part IR Premium Filling Paste -LSP 787 220-
Fine Filling Paste -LSP 784 002 A2-
Primer/Primer Filler
Two-Part Plastic Adhesion Filler, White/Black -LKF 696 009/040 A2-
Glazing Adhesion Promoter -ALO 822 000 10-
Two-Part Wash Primer -LHV 043 000 A2-
One-Part Wash Prime Light Gray/Dark Gray -LVM 044 007/171 A2-
Two-Part Hs Premium Filler -LGF/LVM 013 ...A4-
Two-Part HS Vario Filler -LGF 786 004 A4-
Elastic Additive - ALZ 011 001- (for all Two-Part HS Filler for plastic parts)
Top Coat:
Two-Part HS Clear Coat -L2K 769 500 A5-
Matting Component -LVM 769 810 A2-
Pay attention to the application instructions of the individual original products. Refer to → Chapter "Original Products".
Mixture/Matting and Clear Coat
  Repair Paint System for Matte Painted Vehicles
  Mix component A + component B Matting Component - LVM 769 810 A2- + Two-Part HS Clear Coat -L2K 769 500 A5-.
Mixture Ratio:
Depending on the desired degree of gloss the Matting Component - LVM 769 810 A2- and Two-Part HS Clear Coat -L2K 769 500 A5- can be mixed in a weight ratio of 75/25 % or 70/30 %.
Stir or shake the Matting Component -LVM 769 810 A2- in the can well. Always mix component A and component B and infuse with hardener and thinner just before processing. The processing of the ready-to spray mixture should immediately follow. If the mixture remains in the mixing or in the spray gun receptacle for a longer period of time (15 minutes), it should be stirred again before continuing to use (separation).
Adding Hardener to Component A + B
  Repair Paint System for Matte Painted Vehicles
  4:1 by volume with Two-Part VHS Hardener, Extra Long -LHA 009 053 A2-
Two-Part Thinner, Long -LVM 009 300 A2-
Curing Time:
Ready for spraying 60-75 minutes at +20 C (68F).
  Repair Paint System for Matte Painted Vehicles
Application type "coat"
  Processing viscosity 4 mm for +20 C (68F), German Industry Standardization 53211
Processing viscosity 4 mm gravity feed spraygun "Compliant" and "HVLP"
  Repair Paint System for Matte Painted Vehicles
DIN 4 mm: 16-20 seconds
  Repair Paint System for Matte Painted Vehicles
  Add 10 % thinner at +20 C (68F) material temperature.
  Set spray nozzle (see manufacturer's information): "HVLP" 1.3 to 1.4 mm.
  Set spray pressure (see manufacturer's information): "Compliant" to 2.0 to 2.5 bar.
  Set atomizing pressure (see manufacturer's information): "HVLP" 0.7 bar.
  In two spray applications with 10-15 minute intermediate drying time.
The recommended dry layer thickness is 70 - 90 mm.
To achieve the best possible and homogenous mat effect pay attention to the following notes for the application:
The spraying distance to the object is larger than the standard application, to use the full the atomization of the spray pattern. (To prevent streaking)
If possible, it is also advisable to apply both spray applications in cross coats on horizontal replacement parts, for example the hood.
When applying to large objects for example the hood, the vehicle roof etc., the overlap area of the second spray application must not lay in the overlap zone of the first spray application and should instead be moved.
Pay attention that there is even overlap of the "spray passes" and that enough wet spray film is applied.
There is a risk or cloudiness from too dry of application due to uneven drying or due to unabsorbed spray mist.
If possible, an entire painting process should be divided up in sections, meaning the vehicle body is separated into attachments, for example the hood, doors etc., and painted in order to prevent overlapping zones and spray mist.
Forced drying:
  Repair Paint System for Matte Painted Vehicles
  Final drying time 15 to 20 minutes.
  Repair Paint System for Matte Painted Vehicles
  Drying time 45 minutes at an object temperature of +60 C (140F).
Air drying is not recommended.
The actual gloss level is influenced by different factors hardener, thinner, application types, drying conditions and layer thicknesses.
Always follow the recommended material quantities.
It is absolutely necessary to test the mixtures 75 %/25 % or 70 %/30 % on sheet metal in order to achieve the appropriate gloss level for the vehicle. Intermediate steps are possible.
Gloss level measurements (60 angle) at adjacent parts can also be helpful.
A touch-up/repair of the matted clear coat within the surface (for example, side part or clever repair) is not possible.
Painting large areas (complete painting, roof, hood, sidewall etc.) should not take place at high temperatures (maximum 20 C (140F)).
Dust inclusions cannot be polish out, so therefore ensure that absolute cleanliness is maintained during the entire painting process.
  Repair Paint System for Matte Painted Vehicles
Personal Protective Equipment:
Note the safety data sheets
Wear the personal protective equipment during application
  Repair Paint System for Matte Painted Vehicles
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