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Volkswagen Touran Service Manual: Structuring Component

Structuring Component, Fine -ALN 775 108-
Edition 04/2013
Product Description
The Structuring Component, Fine -ALN 775 108- is a component for the two-part HS top coat and changes it into a textured paint.
The top coat can be used for plastic finishes on vehicles.
Application Instructions
Base Surface
Suitable base surfaces:
Hardened, well-preserved and sanded old paint or factory paints
Plastic parts treated with primer or filler
For information about plastic parts, refer to "The VW/Audi Coating System for Plastic Parts" (Data Sheet 5.74).
Pre-treatment of base surfaces:
  Carefully clean using Silicone Remover -LVM 020 000 A5- or Silicone Remover, Long -LVM 020 100 A5-.
  Structuring Component
  Dry-sand with rotary sander and dust extraction (P 400 to 500 grit).
  Structuring Component
  Or wet-sand with P 800 grit sandpaper
  Structuring Component
  Use a suitable cleaning agent before reworking to ensure a clean and residue-free surface.
  Structuring Component
Mixing ratio
Mixing ratio 1:1 by volume with two-part HS top coat:
  Afterwards combine this mixture 4:1 by volume with a suitable two-part VHS hardener.
See technical application information two-part VHS hardener. Refer to → Chapter "Two-Part VHS Hardener and Two-Part VHS Performance Hardener".
Dilutable with:
Two-Part Thinner, Special -LVM 009 200 A2/A5-
Two-Part Thinner, Long -LVM 009 300 A2-
  Structuring Component
Processing time/pot life:
  Ready to spray in 90-100 minutes at +20 C (68 F)
  Structuring Component
Application type "coat"
  Structuring Component
  Processing viscosity 4 mm for +20 C (68 F), German Industry Standardization 53211
  Processing viscosity at +20 C (68 F) material temperature is the mixing viscosity for "Compliant" and "HVLP".
  Structuring Component
  Adding 15 % thinner at +20 C (68 F) material temperature
  Structuring Component
  Set spray nozzle (see manufacturer's information): "Compliant" 1.3 to 1.4 mm.
  Set spray nozzle (see manufacturer's information): "HVLP" 1.3 to 1.5 mm.
  Set spray pressure (see manufacturer's information): "Compliant" to 2.0 to 2.5 bar.
  Set atomizing pressure (see manufacturer's information): "HVLP" 0.7 bar.
  Structuring Component
  Two spray applications are required with drying time (5 to 10 minutes) to get a dry layer thickness of between 50 and 60 mm.
The addition of Elastic Additive -ALZ 011 001- is omitted.
Structuring Component, Fine -ALN 775 108- is only suitable for use on attachments (for example, bumpers, spoilers).
Various effects can be created using different spraying techniques and layer thicknesses.
Structuring Component, Fine -ALN 775 108- is thixotropically mixed, which means it becomes fluid when stirred.
  Structuring Component
Air dry at +20 C (68 F) room temperature:
Dust dry after 30 to 50 minutes
Ready for assembly after 4 to 6 hours
Dry overnight
  Structuring Component
Final drying time with forced drying is a minimum of 5 to 10 minutes.
  Structuring Component
Forced dry at +60 C (140 F) object temperature for 30 to 40 minutes
  Structuring Component
Final drying time for IR drying is 5 minutes.
  Structuring Component
IR dry with a short-wave radiator for 10 to 15 minutes and with a medium-wave radiator for 15 to 20 minutes.
  Structuring Component
Personal Protective Equipment:
Note the safety data sheets
Wear the personal protective equipment during application
  Structuring Component
Delivery Viscosity Thixotropic
Flashpoint: above +23 C (73.4 F)
VOC value: 2004/42/IIB(e)(840)600 The EU limit for this product (product category IIB.e) in ready-to-use form is a maximum of 840 g/L volatile organic compounds. The VOC-value of this product in ready-to-use form is a maximum of 600 g/L.
The guaranteed shelf life is 24 months from production date. Use no later than the date indicated on the label and store in original container at +20 C (68 F).
  Structuring Component
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