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Volkswagen Touran Owners Manual: Towing a trailer

First read and observe the introductory information and safety warnings

Headlight adjustment

Towing a trailer can raise the front end of the vehicle enough for the dipped beam to blind other road users. Use the headlight range control to lower the light cone as required   . If you do not have headlight range control, have the headlights adjusted by a qualified workshop. Vehicles with gas discharge lamps are adjusted automatically.

Things to note when driving with a trailer

Pulling off on hills when towing a trailer

Depending on the steepness of the slope and the total weight of the trailer and vehicle, a vehicle towing a trailer could roll back a short distance when moving off on a hill.

When towing a trailer, pull off on hills as follows:


Incorrect trailer towing can cause loss of vehicle control and serious personal injury.
Loading the trailer
First read and observe the introductory information and safety warnings Trailer weight and drawbar load The trailer weight is the weight that the vehicle can pull  . The drawbar load ...

Trailer stabilisation
First read and observe the introductory information and safety warnings The trailer stabilisation function is an extension to the electronic stabilisation programme (ESP). It helps, in conju ...

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