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Volkswagen Touran Service Manual: Wheel, Mounting, Audi Assembly Instructions

Vehicles with Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensor.
If wheels are changed (for example, change from summer to winter tires), wheel electronics send data as soon as speed of new wheels exceeds 25 km/h (15.53 mph). The control module automatically recognizes the identification numbers of the new wheel electronics.
An acceleration data check also occurs with vehicle speed. This process takes about 7 minutes.
Tire Pressure Monitoring Control Module -J502- must first be in learning mode before it can automatically learn wheel electronics.
Vehicle must stand for 20 minutes for this. This takes 5 minutes after a recognized tire puncture.
If the standing time is not followed, control module is not in learning mode so system recognizes a malfunction and can only automatically learn wheel electronics after standing 20 minutes.
When changing wheels, be sure to install only vehicle manufacturer approved wheel/tires combinations with tire pressures listed on the tank flap.
If unapproved wheel/tire combinations are installed, these must have a certificate from the technical testing organization for the particular vehicle and a second wheel set must be programmed. Refer to Vehicle Diagnostic Tester.
An adaptation is also needed if tire pressure deviates from pressures given on fuel filler flap.
Wheel Sets With Other Specified Tire Pressures
If a vehicle is equipped with tires which have specified pressures different from those listed on fuel filler flap, these tires (second wheel set) can also be monitored by the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS).
Specified values for a second wheel set must be entered into the system. Refer to Vehicle Diagnostic Tester.
Wheel electronics on wheels from second set are not automatically recognized and learned by the tire pressure monitoring system (as wheel electronics on vehicle manufacturer approved wheel/tire combination set are).
To change to a second wheel set, the following steps must be carried out:
Read the wheel electronic (tire pressure sensors) identification numbers (IDs) before installing.
Switch the TPMS to wheel set 2.
Enter needed specified tire pressures and wheel electronic IDs in system.
Continuation for All Vehicles
The wrench size of the included wheel bolt adapter can be vary from the wrench size of the respective master set.
Special tools and workshop equipment required
Torque Wrench 1332 40-200Nm -VAG1332-
Wheel Bolt Master Socket Set -T10101-
Wheel Bolt Master Socket Set -T10101A-
Wheel Bolt Master Socket Set -T40004-
Wheel Bolt Master Socket Set -T40073-
Wax Spray -D 322 000 A2-
Optimol AT Paste -G 052 109 A2-
  Turn off the ignition.
If brake pads are ceramics, wheel must not fall on brake disc, otherwise it will be irreparably damaged. To remove/install wheel, install long assembly pin instead of wheel bolts in top position (12:00 position) and short assembly pin in wheel bolt mounts for support. In this way, the wheel can glide on the assembly aids when removing/installing.
Only raise vehicle at designated mounting points.
On vehicles with alloy wheels, do not pry out cover caps with a screwdriver but rather use only the special tool designed for this (puller hook in vehicle tool kit).
To loosen wheel bolts, use sockets in the correct size. Sockets that did not fit must not be used any more.
Do not use an impact wrench to loosen anti-theft wheel bolts (lockable wheel bolts).
Do not make wheel bolts dirty.
The secure seating of the wheel bolts and the wheels is only ensured if the instructions and checks below are followed.
The following checks and instructions must be performed with wheel (rim) removed!
In order to make sure the wheel bolts fit correctly, be use to use the correct wheel bolts specified for the model. The wheel bolts for each model have different diameters on the surface of the ball running surface on the wheel rim and they have different lengths.
  Check if the contact surfaces -arrows- between the brake disc/wheel hub brake disc/brake drum and the wheel (rim) are free of corrosion and dirt.
  If necessary, remove oil, grease, grease and corrosion.
  Wheel, Mounting, Audi Assembly Instructions
  Make sure there is no corrosion or dirt on the center of the wheel hub -arrows-.
  Wheel, Mounting, Audi Assembly Instructions
  Make sure the contact surfaces -arrow- on the wheel inner side (rim) as well as the central seat in the rim is free of corrosion and dirt.
  Wheel, Mounting, Audi Assembly Instructions
  The spherical caps in the wheel bolt holes must not have any corrosion, dirt, oil or grease on them.
  If necessary, remove oil, dirt and corrosion and reapply corrosion protection in centering seat area with Wax Spray -D 322 000 A2-.
The wax spray must not get onto brake system parts.
If rust or dirt falls between brake disc and wheel hub during removal, remove it by blowing out with compressed air.
Wear protective eyewear when working with compressed air.
The wheel caps (rims) and the wheel bolts must be free of dirt and corrosion.
  Clean dirty wheel caps (rims) with a lint-free cloth.
  Check the wheel bolts and wheel hub threads for cleanliness.
  Clean dirty wheel bolts in the area of the wheel cap and threads, for example using a brass brush.
Heavily corroded or damaged wheel bolts must be replaced.
  Wheel, Mounting, Audi Assembly Instructions
If lightly corroded wheel bolts are reused, they must be cleaned in area of spherical cap and threads and Optimol AT -G 052 109 A2- paste must be applied to slide surfaces as follows (all vehicles except RS 2 and RS 4, type 8D):
A -  One-part wheel bolt. Lightly lubricate threaded area -2- and spherical cap -1-.
B -  Two-part wheel bolt. Lightly lubricate threaded area -3- as well as between bolt head contact surface -6- and spherical cap ring -5-. The spherical cap to wheel (rim) contact surface -4- must not be lubricated.
Only Optimol TA -G 052 109 A2- paste may be used. The paste must not get on brake system parts.
Only for RS 2 and RS 4 type 8D:
Lightly corroded wheel bolts must not be cleaned and lubricated. These wheel bolts should be replaced.
Install wheel bolts dry.
Continuation for All Vehicles:
  Check whether the wheel bolts can be easily installed by hand without tools. It must be easy to install the wheel bolts the entire length of the threads when installing the wheel.
  Make sure that threads align with the hub. The threads of the wheel bolts must not touch the holes in the brake disc.
  If the thread of the wheel bolt touches the hole, turn the brake disc relative to the wheel accordingly.
Wheel Mounting:
Be careful not to scratch off the glued- on wheel trim on these rims.
The surface of the wheel trim is very sensitive.
The rim will have be replaced if the wheel trim is damaged.
  Wheel, Mounting, Audi Assembly Instructions
The wheel trim cannot be replaced.
Place wheel on wheel hub and secure it by hand with two wheel bolts on opposite sides.
Install remaining wheel bolts by hand, they must be easy to install. Make sure that they are centered exactly.
Take load off wheel if necessary by raising slightly and lightly tighten two wheel bolts by hand.
When mounting a wheel, tighten all wheel bolts uniformly by hand.
Tighten the wheel bolts diagonally using, for example, a four-way lug wrench, to about 30 Nm.
Make sure the correct wheel bolts are installed. Refer to Parts Catalog
Only the same wheel bolts may be installed on all four wheel rims for every vehicle.
Do not use an impact wrench to install the wheel bolts.
  Wheel, Mounting, Audi Assembly Instructions
  Lift the wheel slightly to take the pressure off it.
  Lower the vehicle to the floor and tighten diagonally all wheel bolts to the specified wheel bolt tightening specification.
  Lower the vehicle onto its wheels. Refer to → Suspension, Wheels, Steering; Rep. Gr.44.
Always make sure that the tires are inflated to the correct air pressure. Refer to → Wheel and Tire Guide; Rep. Gr.44.
Tightening Specification
Refer to → Suspension, Wheels, Steering; Rep. Gr.44.
  Wheel, Mounting, Audi Assembly Instructions
Wheel, Mounting, Volkswagen Assembly Instructions
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