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Volkswagen Touran Owners Manual: Checklist

    Transporting children in the vehicle  :

  • Observe any country-specific legal requirements.

  • Volkswagen recommends that children under 12 years of age are always transported on the rear seats.

  • A child should only be transported on the front passenger seat in exceptional circumstances Using a child seat on the front passenger seat Child seat On the front passenger seat . The safest seat in the vehicle is on the rear seat behind the front passenger seat.

  • Always secure any children in the vehicle in a restraint system. The restraint system must be suitable for the child's height, weight and build.

  • Transport only one child per child seat.

  • Observe the instructions from the manufacturer of the child seat and always keep them in the vehicle.

  • When securing a child seat using the seat belt, always guide the belt through or around the child seat as described in the instructions from the child seat manufacturer.

  • Always make sure that the seat belt routing is correct for children and that they are sitting in the correct position.

  • Whenever possible, fit the child seat on the rear bench seat behind the front passenger seat so that children can exit the vehicle on the kerb side.

  • Do not leave any toys or other objects loose in the child seat or on the seat while the vehicle is in motion.

Country-specific standards for child seats (selection)

The child seats must correspond to the standard ECE-R 441). Further information can be provided by a Volkswagen dealership or in the Internet at www.volkswagen.com.

Group classification for child seats according to ECE-R 44

Weight class Child's weight Age
Group 0 up to 10 kg up to approx. 9 months
Group 0+ up to 13 kg up to approx. 18 months
Group 1 9 to 18 kg approx. 8 months to 3 1/2 years
Group 2 15 to 25 kg approx. 3 to 7 years
Group 3 22 to 36 kg approx. 6 to 12 years

Not every child will fit in the seat specified for his or her weight group. Likewise, not every seat will fit in every vehicle. Therefore, always check whether the child fits correctly in the child seat and whether the seat is securely attached in the vehicle.

Child seats that have been tested and approved under the ECE R 44 standard bear the test mark on the seat: the letter E in a circle with the test number below it.


Ignoring any of the points on this important safety checklist can lead to accidents and injuries.
  • Follow the instructions on the checklist.


In the case of an accident, the rear seat is the safest place for children with properly fastened seat belts.
  • A suitable child seat which is correctly fitted and is used on one of the rear seats will, in most accident situations, provide the maximum level of protection for children up to 12 years old.

Additional accessories may be required for proper and secure installation of the child restraint system with base or support foot. Contact a Volkswagen dealership or qualified workshop.

1) ECE R: Economic Commission for Europe Regulation.

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