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Volkswagen Touran Owners Manual: Checklist

    To ensure your own safety and the safety of your passengers, observe the following points in the order given  :

  • Find a flat and firm surface suitable for lifting the vehicle.

  • Stop the engine, select a gear of the manual gearbox or move the selector lever of the automatic gearbox to position P Changing gear Changing gear Automatic gearbox see Automatic gearbox_0 Automatic gearbox see Changing gear_0 Automatic gearbox Manual gearbox see Changing gear_0 Manual gearbox . Apply the handbrake Braking, stopping and parking Brakes Parking .

  • Chock the wheel diagonally opposite using the collapsible chocks or other suitable items.

  • When towing a trailer: unhitch the trailer from the vehicle and park it properly.

  • Loosen the wheel bolts on the wheel that is being changed Wheel bolts Anti-theft wheel bolts Wheel bolts Changing a wheel Wheel bolts_2 .

  • Find the jacking point under the vehicle which is closest to the wheel that is being changed.

  • Raise the jack until it just fits under the jacking point of the vehicle.

  • Please ensure that the foot of the jack is resting securely on the ground with its whole surface and that the foot of the jack is positioned precisely, i.e. vertically beneath the point of application .

  • Position the jack. At the same time, continue to crank the claw up until it is in position around the vertical rib underneath the vehicle .

  • Crank the jack further until the wheel is just clear of the ground.


Incorrect use of the vehicle jack could cause the vehicle to slip off the jack. This could lead to severe injuries. Please note the following points in order to reduce the risk of injuries:
  • Only use vehicle jacks which have been approved by Volkswagen for your vehicle type. Other jacks could slip out of place – this includes jacks supplied with other Volkswagen models.
  • The ground must be flat and firm. Soft ground or surfaces at an incline under the jack may cause the vehicle to slip off the jack. If necessary use a large, strong board or similar support for the vehicle jack.
  • On a hard, slippery surface (such as tiles) use a rubber mat or similar to prevent the jack from slipping.
  • Fit the jack only at the points described. The jack claw must grip the vertical rib under the sill securely  .
  • Never place any part of your body (e.g. arm or leg) underneath the vehicle if the latter is only supported by the jack.
  • If you have to work underneath the vehicle, use suitable stands to provide extra support for the vehicle.
  • Never lift the vehicle if it is at an angle to one side or the engine is running.
  • Never start the engine when the vehicle is raised on a jack. The vibration of the engine could cause the vehicle to fall off the vehicle jack.


Ignoring any of the points on this important safety checklist can lead to accidents and severe injuries.
  • Follow the instructions in the checklist and observe the general safety procedures.
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