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Volkswagen Touran Owners Manual: Diesel

First read and observe the introductory information and safety warnings

Diesel fuel

Diesel fuel must comply with the European standard EN 590 (in Germany EN 590 or DIN 51628).

If you use diesel fuel with a high sulphur content, the service intervals are shorter ⇒ BookletService schedule,  . A Volkswagen dealership will be able to tell you which countries have diesel with a high sulphur content.

Do not mix fuel additives (thinners, or similar additives) with diesel fuel.

Winter diesel

When using summer-grade diesel fuel, difficulties may be experienced at sub-zero temperatures because the fuel thickens due to wax separation. For this reason winter-grade diesel fuel is, for example, available in Germany during the cold months. It can be used at temperatures lower than -20 °C (-4 °F).

In countries with different climatic conditions the diesel fuel sold generally has different temperature characteristics. Check with a Volkswagen dealer or filling stations in the country concerned regarding the type of diesel fuels available.

It is not unusual for a cold diesel engine to be louder in cold temperatures that in warm weather. In addition, exhaust emissions may be tinged with blue while the engine starts and reaches operating temperature. The amount of exhaust fumes depends on the outside temperature.

Filter pre-heater

Diesel vehicles are equipped with a filter pre-heater system. This ensures that the fuel system remains operational even up to approximately -24 °C (-11 °F), provided you use winter-grade diesel which is safe up to -15 °C (+5 °F).

However, if the fuel has waxed to such an extent that the engine will not start at temperatures of under -24 °C (-11 °F), simply place the vehicle in a warm garage or workshop for a while.

Supplementary heater

Vehicles fitted with a diesel engine may also be equipped with an additional fuel heater. This heater is powered with fuel from the vehicle tank. Odours and steam could be emitted from the vehicle temporarily. This is quite normal when the system is in use, and does not indicate a damage or malfunction in the system.

The supplementary heater will be switched off automatically if the level in the fuel tank is low (reserve level).


Never use a start booster. Start boosters could explode or cause the engine to suddenly rev which can cause serious injuries and engine damage.

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