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Volkswagen Touran Owners Manual: Optical parking system (OPS) with all-round display

Volkswagen Touran Owners Manual / While driving / Driver assist systems / Parking distance warning / Optical parking system (OPS) with all-round display

Fig. 146 OPS screen display: Obstacles in scanned or calculated area behind the vehicle Ⓐ or to the left side of the vehicle Ⓑ. Areas without scanned or calculated obstacles in front of the vehicle Ⓒ or to the right side of the vehicle Ⓓ

First read and observe the introductory information and safety warnings

The optical parking system is an extension of the Park Assist system   .

In the factory-fitted radio  or navigation system screen the area surrounding the vehicle is displayed.

The areas in front of and behind the vehicle are completely scanned by the vehicle.

The areas on the side of the vehicle will only be scanned partly by the sensors, the areas not scanned directly will be calculated by the system. For this reason, areas to the side of the vehicle are displayed only after a few metres have been driven.

Potential obstacles are displayed in relation to the vehicle  .

Function Action
Switch on the display: Select reverse geara)
OR: turn on Parking distance warning system   or Park Assist system  .
Switching off the display manually: Press a function selection button on the factory-fitted radio or navigation system
OR: press function button  .
Switch to rear assist camera picture: Select reverse gear  
OR: Function button Options or  press.
Automatic switch off for the display: Drive forwards faster than approximately 10 to 15 km/h (6 to 9 mph).

Scanned or calculated areas

The area in which obstacles are scanned or calculated is approx. 120 cm to the front of the vehicle and approx. 60cm to the side  .

Screen display and audible signal

The display shows the scanned areas in several segments. The closer the vehicle drives towards an obstacle, the closer the segment will move to the vehicle in the display   and Ⓑ. The collision area has been reached at the latest when the penultimate segment is displayed. Do not drive on!

Distance of vehicle from an obstacle Audible signal Colour display: segment colour with a detected obstacle
Front: approx. 31 – 120 cm
on the side: approx. 31 – 60 cm
rear: approx. 31 – 160 cm
Intermittent tone yellow
approx. 0 – 30 cm
around the vehicle
without risk of collision Intermittent tone red
with risk of collision Constant tone

If there is an obstacle at a distance of approx. 0 – 30 cm from the vehicle and the obstacle can be passed without any collisions, intermittent audible warning is given If the vehicle is steered in the direction of the obstacle, a continuous audible warning is given.

When there is is a risk of collision in the front area of the vehicle (before the B pillars) the acoustic signals will be given by the front speaker. When there is is a risk of collision in the rear area of the vehicle (behind the B pillars) the acoustic signals will be given by the rear speaker.

Trailer towing

A status display is shown in vehicles with a factory-fitted towing bracket and a trailer connected via the vehicle electrics. The distance behind the vehicle will then no longer be shown.

Muting the parking distance warning system

You can mute the acoustic signals from the parking distance warning system by pressing the   function button. Press the function button again to switch the acoustic signals back on.

The muting will be cancelled once the parking distance warning system is switched off and on again. Acoustic signals cannot be switched off when there is a function fault in the parking distance warning system.


Do not allow the images shown on the screen to distract you from the traffic around you.

It takes up to 5 seconds before the area being scanned by the sensors is displayed on the screen of the factory-fitted radio or navigation system.

a) If the reversing assistant system screen display is shown after reverse gear is selected, you can switch to optical reversing assistant system display with function buttons Options and .

Optical parking system (OPS)
Fig. 144 OPS screen: Ⓐ obstacle detected in the monitored area behind the vehicle Ⓑ monitored area in front of the vehicle Fig. 145 OPS screen: Ⓐ obstacle detected in segment Ⓑ monitore ...

Park Assist system

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