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Volkswagen Touran Owners Manual: Electrical childproof lock

Fig. 28 In the driver door: buttons for the electrical childproof lock

First read and observe the introductory information and safety warnings

The electrical childproof lock prevents the rear doors from being opened from the inside, e.g. so that children cannot open the doors accidentally while the vehicle is in motion. The controls for the electric windows and door lock can be switched independently meaning that an adult travelling in the rear does not have to be restricted. The left-hand button   or the right-hand button ② will switch the childproof lock on at the rear left or rear right.

Switching the electrical childproof lock on or off

Function Action
Switching on: Press the button   or ②.
Switching off: Press the button again.

The yellow indicator lamp lights up when the function is switched on.


When the electrical childproof lock is activated, the door cannot be opened from the inside.
Childproof lock
Fig. 26 In the left rear door: childproof lock Ⓐ switched off, Ⓑ switched on Fig. 27 In the right rear door: childproof lock Ⓐ switched off, Ⓑ switched on First read an ...


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