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Volkswagen Touran Owners Manual: Introduction

This chapter contains information on the following subjects:

 → General information  

 → Parking  

A camera in the tailgate helps the driver when reversing or manoeuvring the vehicle. The camera picture and the orientation lines projected by the system are displayed on the screen of the factory-fitted radio or navigation system.

Additional information and warnings:

  • Exterior views  
  • Accessories, modifications, repairs and renewal of parts  


Using cameras to estimate the distance from obstacles (persons, vehicle etc.) is inaccurate and could cause accidents and severe injuries.
  • The camera lens enlarges and distorts the field of vision and make objects appear different and inaccurate on the screen.
  • Certain objects, for example narrow posts or grids, may be difficult or impossible to see on the screen because of its low resolution or poor light conditions.
  • The camera has blind spots within which obstacles and people cannot be detected.
  • Keep the camera lens clean, free of snow and ice and do not cover it.


The Rear Assist technology cannot change the laws of physics or the system-related vehicle limitations. Always take care when using the Rear Assist system otherwise you could cause accidents or injuries. The system cannot replace the full concentration of the driver.
  • Adapt your speed and driving style to suit visibility, weather, road and traffic conditions.
  • Keep looking to check the direction in which you are parking and the relevant area around the vehicle. The front of the vehicle swings out more than the rear of the vehicle.
  • Do not allow the images shown on the screen to distract you from the traffic around you.
  • Always monitor the area around the vehicle as small children, animals and objects will not always be detected by the cameras.
  • The system may not be able to display all areas clearly.
  • The Rear Assist system should only be used when the tailgate is fully closed.


  • The camera will only show two-dimensional pictures on the screen. Recesses and protruding objects on the ground can be recognised only with difficulty or not at all due to the missing depth of field.
  • The camera may not always be able to detect objects such as thin rails, fences, posts, trees etc. This could result in damage to your vehicle.
    Rear Assist system

    General information
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