VW Touran manuals

Volkswagen Touran Owners Manual: Introduction

This chapter contains information on the following subjects:

 → Information stickers and plates  

 → Using the vehicle in other countries and continents  

 → Radio reception and aerials  

 → Volkswagen repair information 

 →  Declaration of conformity 

 → Recycling and scrapping end-of-life vehicles  

Additional information and warnings:

  • Exterior views  
  • Pull-away assist systems (start/stop system)  
  • Accessories, modifications, repairs and renewal of parts  


Handling the vehicle incorrectly will increase the risk of accident and injuries.
  • Observe legal requirements.
  • Observe the owner's manual.


Handling the vehicle incorrectly could lead to the vehicle becoming damaged.
  • Observe legal requirements.
  • Carry out service jobs in accordance with the service schedule.
  • Observe the owner's manual.
    Consumer information

    Information stickers and plates
    First read and observe the introductory information and safety warnings Safety certificates, stickers and plates containing important information on operating the vehicle are factory-fitted in ...

    Other materials:

    Volkswagen Touran Owners Manual. Storing
    Fig. 199 Under the floor covering in the luggage compartment: vehicle tools, breakdown set ① and removable ball coupling ② Fig. 200 On the left of the luggage compartment behind a cover: vehicle tools and removable ball coupling ② First read and observe the introductory information ...

    Volkswagen Touran Owners Manual. Changing bulbs in the tail light cluster in the body
    Fig. 222 A: removing the trim B: detaching the connector and removing the bulb holder First read and observe the introductory information and safety warnings The actions should be carried out in the given order only. Removing the tail light cluster The jobs ...

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