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Volkswagen Touran Owners Manual: Introduction

This chapter contains information on the following subjects:

 → Locking or unlocking the driver door manually  

 → Locking the front passenger door and rear doors manually  

 → Unlocking the tailgate manually  

 → Closing the panoramic sliding roof manually  

 → Unlocking the selector lever lock manually  

If the vehicle key radio signal or central locking system fails, the doors, tailgate and panoramic sliding roof can be locked and, with some exceptions, unlocked manually.

Additional information and warnings:

  • Vehicle key set  
  • Central locking system  
  • Doors  
  • Tailgate  
  • Panoramic sliding roof  
  • In an emergency  


Careless manual opening and closing can cause serious injury.
  • If the vehicle is locked from the outside, the doors and windows will not be able to be opened from the inside.
  • Never leave children or people requiring assistance alone in the car. They could become trapped in the car in an emergency and will not be able to get themselves to safety.
  • Depending on the time of year, a locked vehicle can be subjected to very high or very low temperatures. This could cause serious injuries and illness or fatalities, especially for small children.


The path of the doors, the tailgate and panoramic sliding roof is a dangerous area. Injuries could be sustained here.
  • Therefore doors, the tailgate and the panoramic sliding roof should only be opened or closed when nobody is in their path.


When carrying out manual closing or opening, remove and install parts carefully in order to avoid damage to the vehicle.
    Manual opening or closing

    Locking or unlocking the driver door manually
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