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Volkswagen Touran Service Manual: Pressure Relief Valve

Non-approved tools or materials such as leak sealing additives can cause damage or malfunctions in the system.
Only use tools and materials approved by the manufacturer.
The warranty is voided if non-approved tools or materials are used.
All components of the refrigerant circuit submitted for quality observation are always to be sealed (use original sealing caps of original part).
Replace damaged or leaking components of refrigerant circuit. Refer to → Chapter "Components, Replacing".
To date, the original parts (compressor, reservoir, receiver/dryer, evaporator and condenser) have been filled with nitrogen gas. This charge is being gradually discontinued. There is little or no pressure equalization when removing the sealing plugs from the original part.
The pressure relief valve is installed on the A/C compressor or receiver/dryer.
At a pressure of approximately 38 bar (551 psi) positive pressure, valve opens and closes again once pressure has dissipated (approximately 30 bar (435 psi)).
Refrigerant does not escape completely.
Depending on the version, a transparent plastic disc may be installed which breaks off as soon as the valve is activated.
  Pressure Relief Valve
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