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Volkswagen Touran Owners Manual: Securing a child seat with a seat belt

First read and observe the introductory information and safety warnings

It is permissible to fasten child seats with universal written on the orange label to the seats using the seat belt but only on the seats marked in the table with a u.

Weight class Front passenger's seat Seating positions on the rear seats (2nd and, if applicable, 3rd row of seats)
Group 0
up to 10 kg
u u
Group 0+
up to 13 kg
u u
Group 1
9 to 18 kg
u u
Group 2
15 to 25 kg
u u
Group 3
22 to 36 kg
u u

Securing a child seat using the seat belt

  • Read and follow the instructions by the manufacturer of the child seat.
  • Push the passenger seat or the rear seats right back and, if adjustable, move the seat backrest to an upright position   .
  • Position the child seat on the seat according to the instructions given by the child seat manufacturer.
  • The seat belt height adjuster must be at the highest setting.
  • Fasten the seat belt or guide it through the child seat as described in the instructions by the child seat manufacturer.
  • Make sure that the seat belt is not twisted.
  • Insert the latch plate into the buckle for the appropriate seat and push it down until it is securely locked with an audible click.
  • The upper part of the belt must lie snugly and fully over the child seat.
  • Pull the upper belt to check that it is now locked and can no longer be pulled out.

Removing child seats

Unfasten seat belts only when the vehicle is stationary  .

  • Press the red button in the buckle. The latch plate is released and springs out.
  • Guide the belt back by hand so that it rolls up easily, without twisting the seat belt and without damaging the trim.
  • Remove the child seat from the vehicle.


Unfastening seat belts while the vehicle is in motion can lead to severe or fatal injuries in the event of an accident or sudden braking or steering manoeuvre.
  • Unfasten seat belts only when the vehicle is stationary.
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