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Volkswagen Touran Owners Manual: Using the menus in the instrument cluster

Fig. 12 Vehicles without multi-function steering wheel: press button Ⓐ in the windscreen wiper lever to confirm the menu point and rocker switch Ⓑ to change the menu

Fig. 13 Right-hand side of the multi-function steering wheel: controls for the menus in the instrument cluster

First read and observe the introductory information and safety warnings

Calling up the main menu

  • Switch on the ignition.
  • If a message or vehicle pictogram is being displayed, press the OK button (  or  ).
  • When operated using the windscreen wiper lever: the main menu is listed.
  • When operated using the multi-function steering wheel: the main menu is not listed. To navigate through the individual menu options, press the button  or  several times   .

Calling up a sub-menu

  • Press the rocker switch   up or down or press the arrow buttons or on the multi-function steering wheel until the desired menu option is selected.
  • The selected menu option is located between the two horizontal lines. There is also a triangle on the right-hand side: .
  • To call up the sub-menu, press the OK button.

Making settings in the menu

  • Make any desired changes using the rocker switch on the windscreen wiper lever or the arrow buttons on the multi-function steering wheel. If necessary, press and hold the controls to increase or decrease the values quickly.
  • Use the OK button to mark or confirm the selection.

Returning to the main menu

  • Within the menu: in the sub-menu, select the menu option Back to leave the sub-menu.
  • Using the windscreen wiper lever: press and hold the rocker switch.
  • Using the multi-function steering wheel: press the button .
    Overview of the menu structure
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