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Volkswagen Touran Owners Manual: Introduction

This chapter contains information on the following subjects:

 → Controls  

 → Operating notes for the heating and fresh air system 

 → Information on the air conditioning system  

 → Vents  

 → Air recirculation mode  

Displays for the Climatronic information

Information on the Climatronic is displayed briefly on the screen of the factory-fitted radio or navigation system.

The units of the temperature display can be shown in the factory-fitted radio or navigation system and, depending on the vehicle equipment, can be altered in the Settings menu in the instrument cluster.

The dust and pollen filter

The dust and pollen filter with activated charcoal reduces the level of impurities in the outside air entering the vehicle.

For the air conditioning system to work with maximum efficiency, the dust and pollen filter must be replaced at the intervals specified in the Service Schedule.

If the efficiency of the filter declines prematurely due to use in areas with very high levels of air pollution, the dust and pollen filter must be changed more frequently than stated in the Service Schedule.

Additional information and warnings:


Poor visibility through all windows will increase the risk of collisions and accidents which can cause serious injuries.


Stale air can quickly cause tiredness and lack of concentration in the driver which in turn can cause collisions, accidents and serious injuries.


If the cooling system is switched off, the outside air that is drawn into the vehicle is not dehumidified. To prevent the windows misting over, Volkswagen recommends that you leave the air conditioning (compressor) switched on. To do this press the button AC. The warning lamp in the button must light up.

Maximum heat output, which is needed to defrost the windows as quickly as possible, is only available when the engine has reached its operating temperature.

Keep the air intake slots in front of the windscreen free of snow, ice and leaves to ensure heating and cooling is not impaired, and to prevent the windows misting over.

Heating, ventilating, cooling

Fig. 159 In the centre console: air conditioning controls (manual) Fig. 160 In the centre console: Climatronic controls First read and observe the introductory information and safety warning ...

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