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Volkswagen Touran Owners Manual: Service interval display

First read and observe the introductory information and safety warnings

The service display is shown on the instrument cluster  .

Service schedules at Volkswagen are divided into two categories, with oil change, e.g. interval service, and without oil change, e.g. inspection service. This service interval display provides information only on services that include an oil change. A sticker on the door pillar of the vehicle and the service schedule booklet provide information on all other services, for example, the next inspection service or brake fluid service.

In vehicles with service dependent on the time/distance travelled, the service intervals are fixed.

In vehicles with LongLife Service, the service intervals are calculated on an individual basis. Technical progress has made it possible to considerably reduce servicing requirements. With the LongLife System, Volkswagen uses technology to ensure that the vehicle is serviced only when necessary. The length of the service intervals (maximum of two years) is also determined by factors such as conditions under which the vehicle is used and personal driving style. The service reminder is displayed 20 days before the service is due. The distance is rounded to the nearest 100 km; the remaining time is rounded to full days. The current service information cannot be called up until you have driven 500 km since the last service. Until this point the display shows lines only.

Service reminder

If the vehicle is due to be serviced, a service reminder will appear on the display when the ignition is switched on.

In vehicles without text messages in the instrument cluster display, a spanner symbol and a km display will appear. The number of kilometres shown corresponds to the maximum number of kilometres that can still be driven until the service appointment is due. The display changes after a few seconds. A clock symbol appears along with the number of days left until the service appointment should be carried out.

In vehicles with text messages on the display, Service in --- km or --- days appears in the instrument cluster.

Service events

If a service is due, a signal will sound and the spanner symbol will appear for a few seconds when the ignition is switched on. In vehicles with text messages in the display, Service now appears on the instrument cluster.

Calling up service messages

You can call up the current service messages whenever the ignition is switched on, the engine is not running and the vehicle is stationary.

An overdue service is indicated by a minus sign in front of the mileage or trip reading. In vehicles with text messages on the display, Service since --- km or --- days appears in the instrument cluster.

Resetting the service interval display

If the service was not performed by a Volkswagen workshop, the display can be reset as follows:

Vehicles with text messages:
Select the Settings menu.
Select the menu option Reset in the Service sub-menu.
Confirm the request by pressing OK.
Vehicles without text messages:
Switch off the ignition.
Press and hold the button 0.0 / SET.
Restart the ignition.
Release button 0.0 / SET and press the button within approximately 20 seconds.

Do not reset the display between service intervals otherwise the display will be incorrect.

If you manually reset the service interval display while the LongLife Service is valid, the service dependent on the time / distance travelled will be activated. The service interval will no longer be calculated on an individual basis ⇒ BookletService schedules, .

The service message will go out after a few seconds once the engine is running or by pressing the OK button.

If the vehicle battery is disconnected for long periods in a vehicle with LongLife Service, the system is not able to calculate the time when the next service is due. The service displays could then display incorrect information. If this is the case then please observe the maximum service intervals shown in ⇒ BookletService schedule, .

First read and observe the introductory information and safety warnings Depending on the vehicle equipment level, various information can be displayed in the instrument cluster  : Warning ...

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