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Volkswagen Touran Service Manual: Winter tires

On "M-and-S-tires", the tread pattern, tread compound or type are designed such that the handling characteristics in snow are improved compared to a normal tire. This is especially true when initiating or maintaining vehicle motion.
  Winter tires
Snowflake Symbol
The "Snowflake" symbol denotes winter tires that meet industrial standards, which are based on the American snow tire definition. These tires provide exceptionally good safety and control performance in cold weather on snow and icy roads.
M+S Designation for 4x4/SUV Tires
Some vehicles come equipped with tires bearing the "M+S" symbol on the outer side. This is due to the fact that these vehicles were first introduced in North America, where "M+S" all-season tires are common. The "M+S" designation is officially defined by an EU-Regulation thusly: "A tire, whose profile and structure is designed to be more efficient in snow than a normal tire". Performance data for "M+S" denoted tires are neither defined, nor measured. The "Snowflake Symbol" (snowflake on the mountain symbol) is used in North America to specify the snow performance of winter tires. Only tires that meet or exceed these requirements may bear the "Snowflake Symbol" (snowflake on the mountain symbol).
Using Winter Tires
From May 1, 2006, the road traffic regulations were changed to include the following: "Vehicle equipment must be adapted to the weather conditions. This includes suitable tires and freeze protection in the windshield washer system."
Inform the customer that since May 1st, 2006, he or she is obligated to adapt vehicle equipment, especially tires, to winter weather conditions.
For the winter operation, it is recommended to mount winter tires in the sizes shown in the parts certificate table.
Always Applicable:
All tire sizes listed in the vehicle papers can also be driven as winter tires!
The handling characteristics may be affected due to the use of winter tires the resulting changes in wheel and tire dimensions. For this reason, driving speed must be adapted to the changed handling characteristics and road conditions.
To attain best handling characteristics winter tires must be mounted on all wheels.
If while mounting the winter tires, the vehicle is equipped with rims that are not factory-fitted, the following must be observed:
Wheels and wheel bolts are coordinated to each other!
When retrofitting to different wheels, the corresponding wheel nuts with the correct length and cup shape must be used. Refer to → Anchor. The secure seating of the wheels and the function of the brake system depend on it!
Winter tires with tread depth of less than 4 to 5 mm are only for limited use during winter operation.
In some countries, at least 4 mm tread depth are required for winter tires.
It is recommended to not use winter tires longer than six years. The aging process reduces the particular "winter characteristics" of these tires independently from the mileage.
Cup Shape Explanations
There are two shank designs: rounded and conical.
  Winter tires
The rounded shank has a curved surface -arrow A-. This design was used for original rims.
The conical shank has a flat surface -arrow B-. This design is used partially on rims from the accessories program.
I -  Wheel bolt with rounded shank
II -  Wheel bolt with conical shank
Vehicles with Tire Pressure Monitoring System
On vehicles with tire pressure monitoring system, the tire pressure must be resaved or adapted after each change from summer to winter tires or vice versa. Refer to the Owner's Manual.
Permission Stipulations in Germany
Only when using winter tires is it permitted that the highest speed attainable by the vehicle lies above the highest speed of winter tires specified by the speed rating.
In this case, a warning sign must be applied with the following content:
  Winter tires
Attention, Winter Tires!
Maximum permissible speed ...km/h
This warning sign must be in the driver's field of view!
Tires, Storing
Storage Room Tire storage must be: Dark, Dry, Cool and ...

Winter Tires with Speed Symbol V
Table. Refer to → Anchor. The tire industry delivers winter tires with V-rating also. These tires can be applied up to the maximum p ...

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