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Volkswagen Touran Owners Manual: Cleaning cloth seat covers, fabric trim and Alcantara® upholstery

First read and observe the introductory information and safety warnings

Normal cleaning

  • Please read and follow the instructions, notes and warnings on the package before using cleaning products.
  • Upholstery, fabric trims, Alcantara® seat covers and carpeting should be cleaned regularly with a vacuum cleaner (brush).
  • We recommend that you use a soft sponge or commercially available lint-free micro fibre cloth for cleaning jobs  .
  • Clean Alcantara® surfaces with a slightly damp cotton or woollen cloth or a commercially available lint-free micro fibre cloth  .

General surface soiling of the upholstery and fabric trim can be cleaned with a commercially available foam cleaner.

If upholstery and fabric trims are generally heavily soiled, take the vehicle to a specialist cleaning company.

Stain removal

When removing stains, it may be necessary to clean a large surface and not just the stain itself. Especially if the surface is generally worn. The cleaned area could otherwise be lighter than the surrounding area.

Type of stain Cleaning
Water-based stains, e.g. coffee or fruit juice. – Use a sponge to apply a mild detergent solution.
– Dry with an absorbent, dry cloth.
Stubborn stains, for example chocolate, make-up. – Apply some detergent pastea) directly to the stain and rub the paste in gently.
– Use a cloth or sponge soaked in clear water to remove any detergent residue.
– Dry with an absorbent, dry cloth.
Oily stains, e.g. oil, lipstick. – Apply natural soap or detergent pastea) and rub it in gently.
– Remove dissolved grease or dye with an absorbent material.
– Finally, clean with clear water. Do not soak the upholstery.


Brushes should be used on carpeting and mats only! Other surfaces could be damaged by brushes.


Do not use steam cleaners as the steam pushes the soiling into the fabric and sets it.


  • Do not soak Alcantara® under any circumstances.
  • Do not use leather care products, solvents, wax polish, shoe cream, stain removers or similar products on Alcantara®.
  • Do not use brushes if cleaning with liquids. This could damage the surface of the material.

a) Ox gall soap can be used as a detergent paste.

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