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Volkswagen Touran Service Manual: Customer Service Paint Paint Structure

Galvanized Sheet Metal on Both Sides
Previous attempts to match flanges have led to the use of only galvanized sheet metal on both sides. Only here do the cathodic protection and the zinc coating barrier effect work optimally together. The cut edges that are poorly protected with paint (thinning edges) are additionally protected.
Make sure that
all metal edges are properly deburred when performing a body collision repair
the zinc and cataphoretic layer is completely present on the interior surfaces that are not painted.
the inner weld flange and sanded-through areas are reworked with Inox Spray -D 007 600 A1-.
Smoothing Work
To reestablish the contour of the body surfaces, the smoothing materials today in car body construction and in the paint finishing system are considered to be essential. Pay attention to the different preparations for the base surface.
Product Information:
Refer to → Chapter "Filling Paste".
The primer is the most important component of the corrosion protection system, because it prevents water and oxygen from accessing the metal surface. Original replacement parts are normally coated with a black cataphoretic primer. The primer type is dependent on the area of application.
Sanded-through areas or weld seams are to be recoated as quickly as possible with a corrosion protection primer.
The cataphoretic primer is not UV and acid resistant. Therefore replacement parts must also be painted from the inside.
After a corrosion repair, insulate the bare metallic base surface with Two-Part Wash Primer -LHV 043 000 A2- and then fill with Two-Part HS Performance Filler.
Product Information:
Refer to → Chapter "Primer Metal".
Refer to → Chapter "Plastic Primer".
The filler contributes to corrosion protection to a lesser extent. A suitable filler is, however, essential in service.
Filler protects the body from stone impact. Therefore pay attention to the appropriate layer thickness in the stone chip protection area.
Filler serves as surface preparation. Sanding scratches can be smoothed out.
Colored filler improves the coverage of colors with poor covering properties.
Product Information:
Refer to → Chapter "Filler".
PVC Sealed Seams and Underbody Protection
When repairing, the seam sealant is to be returned to replicate stock visual appearance and layer thickness.
Sealing seams near attachments to be installed must be applied smoothly In order to avoid damage and malfunctions.
Water drain holes must remain free.
All threaded pins and weld nuts with M-threads, as well as all other pins and contact surfaces for the assembly must be functional after the sealant application.
The sealing material cannot be applied on blank sheet metal, but rather on filled surfaces.
To prevent any water from entering the flange, the notch is sealed with paste-like, solvent-free PVC in critical areas on the body. A PVC coating of different thickness is sprayed on specified areas on the underbody and in the wheel housings to protect against stone impact and engine humming.
Before sealing/applying underbody protection, always insulate the surface with primer and filler.
After a corrosion repair, insulate the bare metallic base surface with Two-Part Wash Primer -LHV 043 000 A2- and then fill with Two-Part HS Performance Filler.
For the underbody protection, pay attention to the specified layer thickness.
Product Information:
Refer to → Chapter "Underbody Protection".
Refer to → Chapter "Stone Chip Protection".
Refer to → Chapter "Sealing Materials".
Top Coat/Base Paint
For the top coat/base paint, the decorative application is the prime consideration. This contributes to corrosion protection to a lesser extent.
Depending on the pigment content, the colors have different coverage. Observe the manufacturer's instructions.
Product Information:
Refer to → Chapter "Top Coats".
Clear Lacquer
For the clear lacquer, the decorative application is the prime consideration. The clear lacquer also contributes to corrosion protection to a lesser extent. The clear lacquer protects the top coat/base paint against UV radiation and environmental pollution such as acidic bird droppings.
Product Information:
Refer to → Chapter "Clear Coats".
Conservation Wax/Cavity Sealant
The conservation wax/cavity sealants play a decisive role for corrosion protection. Depending on the area of application, different materials are available in customer service. The exceptional protective effects of these materials is based on the following characteristics:
Hydrophobic (water repellent)
Good adhesion
No rust formation
Water vapor permeability approximately 1,500 times lower than with a paint coating of the same thickness
Product Information:
Refer to → Chapter "Preservation".
Refer to → Chapter "Wax Underbody Protection".

Reduced Paint Structure in Engine Compartment and Inner Hood

The paintwork in the "engine compartment and the inner hood" may differ from the paint structure and color on the exterior paintwork. This variation is production-related and should not be deemed defective.
Factory Paint Paint Structure
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Repair Instructions for the Underbody and Stone Chip Protection
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