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Volkswagen Touran Owners Manual: General information

Fig. 149 In the tailgate: location of the Rear Assist rear-view camera

Fig. 150 Rear Assist system display

First read and observe the introductory information and safety warnings
Function For vehicles without optical parking system (OPS) or vehicles with optical parking system (OPS)
Switch on the display automatically: Select the reverse gear with the ignition switched on or engine running.
Switching off the display manually: Press a function selection button on the radio or navigation system ⇒ BookletRadio, or ⇒ BookletNavigation system, .
OR: Tap the function button on the screen  .
OR: After switching off the ignition, the Rear Assist system picture is switched off after some seconds.
  Press  button.
Switch off display by deselecting reverse gear: The picture is switched off after approximately 10 seconds. The system immediately switches to OPS display.
Switching off display by driving forwards: Drive forward faster than about 15 km/h (9 mph). Drive forward faster than about 10 km/h (6 mph).


Function buttons on the screen  

  1. Switch off the reversing camera image.
  2. Switch off sound.
  3. Set display: brightness, contrast, colour (in vehicles with a navigation device).
  4. Change display to the optical parking system (OPS)   . To change back to the camera display, shift into reverse gear.

Things to note

1) The Rear Assist system should not be used in the following situations:
– If the reversing camera is not providing a clear image, e.g. if visibility is poor because the lens is dirty.
– If the space behind the vehicle cannot be seen clearly or completely.
– If the rear of the vehicle is heavily loaded.
– If the driver is not familiar with the system.
– If the position or angle of the camera has changed, e.g. following a rear-end collision. The system should be checked by a qualified workshop.
2) Optical deception by the camera (examples)
The Rear Assist rear-view camera supplies two-dimensional images only. Due to the lack of depth of field on the screen, potholes and dips in the ground, protruding parts on another vehicle or protruding objects on the ground may be difficult or impossible to see on the image.
Objects or other vehicles may appear closer or further away on the screen than they really are.
– If you drive from a level surface onto an upward or downward slope.
– If you drive from an upward or downward slope onto a level surface.
– If the rear of the vehicle is heavily loaded.
– When approaching protruding objects. Such objects can leave the camera's field of vision while you are reversing.

Cleaning the camera lens

Keep the camera lens clean and free of ice and snow:


Volkswagen recommends that you practise parking with the Rear Assist system in a traffic calmed area or car park. In this way you can become familiar with the system and the orientation lines in a safer environment.

The Rear Assist system cannot be switched on if the electrical connection of the factory-fitted towing bracket is connected to the trailer or the tailgate is open.

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